_About Us

Smartchain technology is a global startup company that specializes in creating blockchain solutions across industries. We are passionate about delivering strong, robust software solutions.

Our job is to take complex customisation and integrations and make them simple to use.

We are proud to take a part of the future in the blockchain universe !

_Goldiam Coin

Goldiam is a blockchain venture that cuts through the seemingly impenetrable trade barriers in the gold and diamond industry.

The Goldiam (GOL) is minable coin (POW) - algorithm Dagger Hashimoto and used for all the transactions on the Goldiam blockchain.

Complete infrastructure is ready included mainnet, testnet, wallets, explorers, API, pool and GolMask.

Let your imagination run wild !

_Projects in progress

  • Smart Gold & DiamondBy tapping into the transformative technology that blockchain is, we have created a user friendly, transparent, and secure platform where users can buy gold and diamonds from the comfort of their homes.
    In order to buy Gold and/or Diamond(s) from Goldiam platform a user will need to make request to the platform and make payment in Goldiam coins. The minimum amount of Gold that can be bought on the Goldiam platform is 1g and for Diamond, the minimum is 0.35 ct.
    The user can withdraw Gold and Diamond(s) anytime he/she wants along with the security license shall be shipped to your home.
  • Globe Union PlatformGlobeUnion is a cryptocurrency to fiat payment platform and a smart answer to money transfer.
    With our GlobeUnion platform we will be able to allow our users to send or receive Goldiam coins. So no matter in which part of the world you are, you can receive or send these coins to your relative everywhere. The receiver will be able to collect the coins or change them to fiat.
    This service will be international with the main aim to install Goldiam ATMs available worldwide for easy deposit and withdrawal for all our members, as well as provide a hardware wallet which will connect to the Goldiam platform as a secure and trusted way to keep the funds safe. Moreover, user can fix a amount to be sent on specific day in a month and send it to his/her family or anyone.
  • Goldiam BoxGoldiamBox wallet gives users a incentive to invest. With the Goldiambox wallet users will be rewarded for holding Goldiam Coins.
    The amount of the Goldiambox rewards is generated by mining blocks and their mining rewards. Goldiam has fixed the reward for each block mined at 0.48 Goldiam Coins (GOL). Out of every block mined, the miner is rewarded with 0.32 GOL and 0.16 GOL is reserved in the Goldiambox wallet which will be then distributed automaticly among all the coin-holders and asset-holders proportionaly.
    GoldiamBox Wallet lets you earn coins by doing nothing. All you need to do is to hold the coins, Gold or Diamond(s).


  • _Goldiam Pool

    Stable, anonymous, user-friendy pool with great user interface. Once you get your mining hardware, the next step is to download mining software and point to Goldiam pool. Also you can rent hashing power from some provider who supports mining algorithm Dagger-Hashimoto.

  • _Goldiam Block Explorer

    Explorer powered by Smart Chain Technology Team will give you all the possible information you need from the blockchain for mainnet and testnet about blocks, transactions and account balances are available as well as pending transactions and contract data .

  • _Jupiter

    Jupiter is a desktop client-side interface for generating Goldiam wallets & more. Interact with the Goldiam blockchain easily & securely. Done for all operating systems such as: Windows, Mac and Linux with builtin local node.

  • _Calypsum

    A web wallet with all the functionality needed for easy transfer of Goldiam coins and deploying of smart contracts. You can create new or open existing account, create your Tokens or import Tokens already created on Goldiam blockchain, interact with any smart contract or deploy the one. And, what is the best with Goldiam, you can first test everything on Goldiam testnet.

  • _Goldiam API

    An API is a code that allows two software programs to communicate with each other. We have developed an API which developers can use for interacting with the Goldiam blockchain. There are plenty of API endpoints which can be used for getting all information for every single state. All API endpoints are grouped for easier handling: network, blocks, transactions, addresses and miners.

  • _Goldiam Mask

    GolMask is an Goldiam web browser extension that acts as a Goldiam wallet. It injects the web3 API from Goldiam blockchain into every website's javascript context, so that dapps can read from the blockchain. Also we connect GolMask with Calypsum web wallet and in one click your use your wallet for interacting with smart contract in dapp.